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Michelle Dumovich has her Nutritional Consultant diploma with the International Institute of Holistic Healing which is recognized by the American Association of Nutritional Consultants A.A.N.C. NASM-OPT, SMC Sports Medicine and Nutrition Certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. ACE Certified with the American Council of Exercise. Pilates Master Instructor and Pilates Reformer Specialist, Neuromuscular Physiology Certified through NASM, Certified with NASM on Integrated Human Movement, Power Plate Certified Specialist, Advanced Yoga, and Pilates with Props and Cycling Certified, NASM-SMR Trained, Gliding Master Trainer, Sports Conditioning & SAQ Specialist and Owner of the M.D. Complete Fitness Inc. in Trinity Florida. Also, has been a phone Contributor to the Woman’s Health Magazine, currently blogs and writes for Pilates Style Magazine and is featured in the Pilates Style Magazine Success Story 2011 issue. Filmed commercials for professional DVD and TV. Spokesperson for the Versa Climber machine and was by the Power Plate Co. as a Power Plate fitness specialist and advisor promoting all the benefits the Power Plate acceleration training has to offer. Michelle has also been chosen to be a designated ITG weight Loss Center provider. This has helped many lose weight and keep it off safely.

Michelle has had well over twenty professional and dedicated years in the Fitness and Wellness field. Her style is all about results and hard work. She get's the job done and makes you dedicated to fitness in a fun, passionate and exciting way. Once you train with Michelle you will never look back.



Michelle Dumovich currently blogs and writes for

Pilates Style Magazine!


Article for clothing Company. Link below:

4 YOU section of the Tampa Tribune Jan. 14th 2011-

The Trainer Who Believed In Me-

It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience to work for you. Motivation & ENERGY is Everything. Be the Success Story you want with my Training Methods.

Michelle is married to Mark Dumovich, plus a mother of two great kids

Anna & Dominick....

who have supported her career from day one.

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Exercise Helps Woman Combat Crohn's Disease Effects & about Michelle's Training Styles.

By Eric Horchy | The Suncoast News Published: March 17, 2010TRINITY - Relationships with personal fitness trainers do not need to end with personal horror stories and it's the antithesis to that stigma which Michelle Dumovich strives to provide each and every one of her clients.Operating as the M.D. Complete Fitness Pilates and Wellness Center out of her Trinity-area office in the Bradford Professional Plaza, 2200 Seven Springs Boulevard, Suites 113 and 114, Dumovich offers individuals of all walks the type of training that gets results without overbearing anxieties that turn many off."The first thing that I do is I reassure the client that they're in a safe environment with a safe, knowledgeable teacher who is going to guide them through their exercises," said Dumovich, who has more than 10 years of experience in the fitness and wellness field. "Ideally I'll start off with basic can-do movements that I know they're going to get really good gratification doing to build confidence."With certifications in Pilates, nutrition, sports medicine, neuromuscular physiology, yoga and other related fitness fields, Dumovich is capable of designing programs for a wide range of individuals, regardless of experience or physical limitations.Many of her regular clients are people with ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritic bursitis, Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Often it is the people approaching her with preexisting physical conditions who harbor the greatest reservations about personal training, knowing that they require individual attention.Marci Flatt, a Dumovich client for more than two years, experienced overbearing, less-informed personal trainers who could not create regimens that agreed with her as someone living with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory gastrointestinal ailment. It has been Dumovich's invariably positive approach, thoroughness and understanding that keeps Flatt coming back."I love Michelle's energy," Flatt said. "That's what does it for me because I'm a really positive person. She just has a way with me with her passion and her energy, I feed off of that. I can never not have her in my life at this point because of what she brings to me."Dumovich focuses her 30- or 60-minute sessions with work on the Pilates Reformer. The piece of resistance equipment helps develop core strength, alignment and flexibility.Pilates on the Reformer is what helps Dumovich reach out and help such a wide scope of clientele, be it those with physical conditions or those simply wanting to shed a few pounds leading up to beach season."The flexibility on this machine is the most incredible thing I personally have experienced," she said. "My clients get a great workout and get results safely because this machine will never misalign the body or the hips or joints. There's no trauma and there's no impact; it's awesome."Russell Alonzo, 58, has been seeing Dumovich regularly now for a short time and is already reaping the physical benefits."In just a few months I have gained back the flexibility and energy I haven't experienced in years," he said.It's those types of reactions that keep feeding her desire and love of fitness and helping others attain higher levels of health, she said."Even if it's just to watch a few people smile. I have a client that says, 'You know, Michelle, I just come here because you make me laugh.' It's that. It's social. It's connecting with people rather than just somebody reading something on Facebook or Twitter. It's that human touch that keeps me going."While working with more than 50 clients per week in either one-on-one or one-one-two sessions, Dumovich is ever ready to help assist those in the community trying to meet personal fitness goals."I'm always looking to take the business to a higher ground for my clients," she said. "My clients have been very loyal, they're awesome people and this is a great town."Eric Horchy can be reached at 727-815-1071.

By Eric Horchy | The Suncoast News Published: March 4, 2009 Sometimes the best opportunities can come during what seem to be the most turbulent and tumultuous time life has to offer.The past year for Land O' Lakes resident Marci Flatt is a prime example of such an ebb and flow.Flatt, 38, was diagnosed more than eight years ago with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that can wreak havoc on one's lower body. According to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, it affects more than 1 million Americans and has no known cure. Symptoms include mild to debilitating abdominal pains and fever, among many others, along with subsequent mental stressors of trying to live with the disease. To help combat the disease's frequent flare-ups, Flatt takes Prednisone, a type of prescription corticosteroid that suppresses the immune system. One of the drug's undesirable side effects is weight gain that can negatively add to the psychological anguish for those suffering through Crohn's.That adversity, though, also begat a positive turn in Flatt's story that has changed her life ever since.With Flatt struggling through a roughly 80-pound gain in weight while regularly taking the Prednisone, a friend recommended she meet with Michelle Dumovich, a personal trainer at Trinity's Fusion Fit Club, in the Trinity Village Center.Despite reluctance tied to a general feeling of anxiety toward trainers and the "Drop and give me 20!" stories about them she had heard in the past, Flatt heeded her friend's advice and met with Dumovich."The first day I met Marci she told me she never works out, she's never been in a gym and that she didn't want to be there," Dumovich recalled. "It all poured out of her on the first day. But she also emotionally cleansed her desires for weight loss and how she wanted to be active for her daughter."After the initial wavering subsided, the near immediate progress has been immense, both trainer and trainee said."The last year of my life has just been an amazing change for the better," Flatt said of her time with Dumovich. "She's so much more than just a trainer. I don't know how to put it into words. She's given me this whole healthy life that I wasn't even aware of before. Without her I would not be here."Flatt said one of the main keys to her success is Dumovich's knowledge and understanding when it comes time to work out. Equipped with a vast array of physical training and sports medicine accreditations, Dumovich created a unique routine specifically for Flatt that is successful at getting results with the right amount of activity so as to not irritate sensitive core areas."In three months we began to notice a completely different person," Dumovich said, noting it was just as psychological as it was physical. "She went from sitting on the couch thinking she'd never be able to do anything to 'Look out, here I am.'"Along with her life-changing relationship with Dumovich, Flatt cites two other influences she says are critical to anyone's success in coping with Crohn's.The first is strength derived from her familial support group. Flatt grew up through her father's dealings with Crohn's, and her husband, John, and 4-year-old daughter, Miley, offer bountiful motivation to keep fighting. In fact, Flatt was told prior to Miley's birth that her Crohn's would likely prevent the chance of a successful pregnancy.The second key is her persistent, upbeat nature and outlook toward life in general."I've always been a positive person," Flatt said. "I'm very blessed with that. I think it's about 90 percent of the battle."All told, Flatt has already dropped more than 50 pounds of her Prednisone-induced weight gain and she is now trying to spread the word of her success to let other's know hope does truly exist."If I can touch just one person that is reading this to think, 'Gosh, she did it and look at how much weight she's lost. I can do that, too,' that's what I'm really trying to do," she said."Most people just don't have the support system and a type of person like Michelle around.Now I have the tools because of Michelle to know that this is for the long term. This is not a temporary thing."This is for life."Further information on dealing with Crohn's disease can be found at the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America Website, Also, local support and awareness will be raised May 2 in St. Petersburg for the Take Steps for Crohn's and Colitis Walk. Eric Horchy can be reached at 727-815-1071 or MORE FROM THIS CHANNEL{'default_state': 'FL', 'default_source': 'The Suncoast News', 'iptc_code': '15000000', 'default_staffbyline': 'Suncoast News Staff Report', 'default_url': '', 'default_city': 'New Port Richey'} TOPICS IN THIS ARTICLEflare ups • inflammatory bowel disease • trinity village • undesirable side effects • colitis foundation • ebb and flow • crohn s disease • abdominal pains • tumultuous time • corticosteroid • land o lakes • prednisone • marci • stressors • time life • ups • prime example • personal trainer • anguish • reluctance /topics COMMENTS

"Have Fun In Life & Stay Active"

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