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Programs with Proved Success in losing the weight and keeping it off. Sessions Offered on the Pilates Reformer & or With Other Traditional
 Equipments. Plus, improve Balance and Core Strength Safely.  Request Meal Plans and or Nutritional Consults to get educated on all Fitness Nutrition.
Build the Strength within the body and watch the results happen! 
 Pilates will do just that.
Yoga pose on reformer
 Stretching techniques for all major and minor muscle groups. Improves range of motion and increases blood flow. 
Plus, learn at home exercises with
No Impact. 
 Bolsters (Stretching Pillows)
are supplied for client at each session. 
SMR (Myofacial Release)
Techniques Used Per Request.
Pilates Back Exercises  ideal protein diet REDUCTION of JOINT and BACK PAIN
Session is truly specific and effective for your joint and back pain stretching needs.  (Great relief for Bursitis and or arthritic concerns associated within the joints) SMR-Foam Roller Technique can be used upon request.
Weight loss Diet  Consults will focus on Natural Nutrition, Cellular Function, fitness plans, vitamins and minerals  for your specific needs so you can get back energy, joint mobility, digestion, balance and lose weight effectively for the long term. 
Weight Loss Consult Session
A Single Consult Session for 60 minutes
(Know how to End Mindless Eating with the RIGHT attitude towards food. 
 Find out how to stop your stressful trigger points and turn it around TODAY!) 
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GOLF & TENNIS  PROGRAM  Golfers- Learn better ball striking, improve distance, improve your core better balance, grip and forearm strength.  Plus, “staying down on the ball” will be addressed to improve your overall golf game. Traditional golfer strengthening exercises will be used for the session. Come train like the pros. 
Tennis Players- Learn proper rotation and build better leg and core strength to follow through with the ball strike and Cardio Conditioning.
Golf Pilates Golf Training
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DESTRESS, Mind & Body Relaxation TECHNIQUES
Breathing Techniques with light stretches will be addressed to relax the systems of the body. YOGA and PILATES based exercises’ upon request can be applied.  Meditation Techniques upon request as well. No Impact.  Pilates and Yoga exclusive sessions is
offered by request. 
pilates ideal protein diet
Chrons, Breast Cancer Survivors & Fibromyalgia Clients are feeling the benefits of the Pilates Reformer and or Flexibility exercises with learning to Destress the body and generate positive energy. Proven testimonials of success.   Session is Safe and with no impact exercises to build energy within the body. 
website NEW ROOM 5  Bar
The Pilates Ballet Bar "Dancer's Workout" 
Amazing Core & Leg based exercises to tone and tighten all areas you desire.
Relaxtion de stress
FOAM Roller Massage (SMR)  Sessions
Enjoy a Relaxing 30 min. of Bliss.  Session will relax the Major and Minor Muscles and create better blood flow and reduce muscle soreness and or joint pain.  Hands on Technique, Foam Roller,  Trigger Point Massage Stick and Bolsters will be used.
A Great Gift!
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