M.D. COMPLETE FITNESS ELITE PILATES CENTER   -   Pain Reduction-Pilates-Balance-Flexibility
M.D. Complete 
Group Schedule
All classes are taught and performed by Master Pilates Trainer
Michelle Dumovich NC
PLEASE Call 727-463-1250 or e mail mdcompletefitness@gmail.com 
"You Must RESERVE your space" 
Please NO Face Book reservations.
M.D.  "ARC/Reformer  MANIA CLASS" - An advanced  level of Pilates, Cardio and Power YOGA to increase core strength, speed up weight loss, tone and tighten muscles, improve precision, balance and flow of joint movement.  Exercises are all done on the Authentic Pilates ARCS & Reformers.  Pilates Rings, Resistance Bands and other props will be used as well.  Students must have a strong understanding of beginner through intermediate exercises.  
 300 to 500+ calorie burn
Call For Info..
With Michelle Dumovich Pilates Master Trainer
M.D. Pilates with Props Matwork CLASS" - All levels of Pilates welcome, Cardio and core strength, weight loss, tone and tighten muscles, improve precision, balance and flow of joint movement. Exercises are all done on the Authentic PilatesARCS . Pilates Rings, Resistance Bands, Gliders and other props will be used as well. Students must have a strong understanding of beginner through intermediate exercises.
300 to 500+ calorie burn
Call for Info.
M.D. "STRETCH- MAX & Relax " -   A tranquil full body stretch for all your major and minor muscle groups to improve your blood flow, range of motion, breath work and improve your relaxation techniques.  This is a great class to decrease any stress, back , neck and  or joint pain.  Session is done on the Pilates Reformers, ARCS and Matwork.   Hands On Massage and Yoga Meditation is provided as well as all neck and eye pillows. 
Call for a group appointment   60 min.  $50 per person. limit 4
With Michelle Dumovich Pilates Master Trainer
M.D. "POWER Reformer YOGALATES"- 60 Minutes of  Vinyasa Flow and Power Yoga with Pilates on the Allegro Reformers.  Improves balance, flexibility, core strength, blood flow, breathwork, body conditioning and fat burning.  You will leave feeling strong and powerful.  You must have at least 3-5 private reformer sessions. 
Call for info.
With Michelle Dumovich
M.D. " Jumpboarding BOSU & Bands MAX" -   30 Minutes of High Intensity  Cardio & Toning Training with Extreme BOSU & Resistance Bands, Upper Body Combat Moves, BOSU Cardio Core exercises.   A 350+ calorie burn in 30 Min!   This is for the Advanced Cardio Student.  Bring Sneakers you will jog!.
30 min.  $25 per person. Call for appointment.
With Michelle
M.D. "REFORMER  STRETCH- MAX" -  30 Minutes of  Stretching all the major and minor muscles properly with core strength, precision, balance and flow all done on the Pilates Allegro Reformers. YOGA and TAI CHI practices used. You must have at least 3-5 private sessions on reformer prior to taking this class. 
Call to schedule appointment.
With Michelle Dumovich
M.D.  "The Ladder Barrel "AB" Boot Camp"-  Challenge your abs endurance and strength to the 30 minute Ladder Barrel  boot camp. You will  tone and tighten the entire core like never before.  Session will also include complete flexibility exercise exclusive to the Ladder Barrels.  Prerequisite 3 -5 private sessions.
Call to schedule appointment.
With Michelle Dumovich
"The M.D. YOUTH COMPLETE FITNESS"-  M.D. offers your child a chance to train like a pro with Coach Michell Herring.  We offer complete fitness pilates based and traditional training sessions to enhance your childs fitness levels.  Child will be trained on the Pilates ARC's- Bands-Stability Balls- Ladder Drills- Rings- BOSU and more.  Must Register for class.
PRE PAY MONTHY Tuition.  $20 per child per class.
WED. 4:15 to 5:00pm
With Michelle and Kelly
M.D.  FOAM Roller (SMR)  & Flexibility Session-
Enjoy a Relaxing 30 or 60 min. of Bliss. Session will relax the Major and Minor Muscles and create better blood flow and reduce muscle soreness and or joint pain. Hands on Technique, Foam Roller, Trigger Point  Stick, Ladder Barrel  and Bolsters will be used.   Great for all arthritic and bursitis concerns as well as relief for back and joint pain.
A Great Gift!
Call to schedule appointment.
$35 per person for 30 min. private.
$75 per person for 60 min. private. 
With Michelle Dumovich

You must register for a class prior to arrival and you can reserve a space regularly if you want to lock in (Ask for details).
All Mats, ARCS, Pilates Rings, Eye & Neck pillows, Resistance bands and water is provided for each student.
ALL Students must arrive 15 min. prior to class to check in. 
 No talking or giggling or causing any distractions.  Be polite.
 NO Cell Phones ON Please. (Put on Vibrate if need be for emergency only).
Be respectful to others space in the Pilates room. 
If you can not attend the class you signed up for please allow 24 hours notice or you will be charged depending on the situation.
You are entering a professional classroom setting with a Master Pilates Teacher.   Enjoy the present.    Namaste.
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